Amira provides your company with the experience and expertise of a dedicated team of professionals who understand many public relations challenges with which you may be unfamiliar. We provide an independent third party marketing perspective. We are also more cost-effective. Cutting down on costly salary and benefit packages, required by hiring an internal professional on a full-time basis. All of this gives your internal staff more time to manage all of their marketing responsibilities more effectively.

What we can do for you

Press Releases
A press release is the main vehicle for releasing news about your company. However, not everything is news. Some examples of news include, new product announcements, new business wins, partnerships, and significant employee news.

    Amira can:

  • Help you decide what is news
  • Write press releases
  • Coordinate and pitch press releases to appropriate press
  • Follow up on the press release to gain coverage

Proactive Pitching
Proactively going after press coverage is one of the best ways to gain visibility for your company.

    Amira can:

  • Research hot industry topics and pitch your company to the appropriate
  • press
  • Develop a target list of publications
  • Create new, and use existing relationships when pitching the press
  • Prepare and write pitch letters to targeted press
  • Continually follow up with the press
  • Research and monitor editorial calendars for possible fit in upcoming stories
  • Schedule and coordinate press tours

Tradeshows are an excellent opportunity to gain press coverage and meet with the press face to face.

    Amira can:

  • Develop a list of press to target at the tradeshow
  • Coordinate and schedule meetings with targeted press at the show
  • Supply all attending tradeshow press with a press kit
  • Attend press meetings
  • Advise client on speaking with the media

Speaking Opportunities
Speaking at tradeshows or other industry events is another way of gaining visibility and validating your company’s position.

    Amira can:

  • Research and develop a list of possible speaking opportunities
  • Write and pitch abstracts

Analyst Relations
Analysts play an important part in every industry. Many times influencing large clients on which products and services to buy.

    Amira can:

  • Develop a list of key industry analysts
  • Target analysts with frequent press releases and information
  • Schedule one on one meetings with analysts
  • Advise client on speaking with analysts

Press Kit
A press kit is an organized way to present your companies information to the press or customers.

    Amira can:

  • Assist in developing a press kit
  • Help decide what information should be included in a press kit
  • Write and develop materials to be included in the press kit

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