"To achieve your goals, you need a guide who understands the lay of the land, and can guide you down the best course."

You can learn a lot about running a business by working for other people. We did. Sometimes, the most important thing you can learn is how not to run a business. After several years in the industry we’ve had our share of good and bad experiences. But the one thing that remained the same through it all was seeing the things we wanted to change. The things we knew we could do better.

In particular, was when it came to clients with smaller budgets. They just didn’t get the same attention and dedication as larger clients. So we decided to do something to change it. We started our own agency. Amira Communications, Inc was born.

Today, Amira is an integrated communications agency, specialized in helping start-up to medium size businesses get ahead. Through advertising, design, public relations, and marketing we provide clients with creative, yet strategic, solutions to help them reach their marketing goals. As partners, we work together to find the solutions that not only meets their needs, but also fit their budget. Most of all we provide the attention and enthusiasm our clients deserve as paying customers. That’s our mission.

310 Knower Road, Westminster, MA 01473
Tel  978 874-1510